More About the School GB

st pauls lutheran school gb

Since time immemorial, the St Pauls Lutherans have been serving the local church community. They have provided loving care and attention to the poor and the elderly. They have helped the young and the needy and are responsible to the spiritual health of our community.

No two-St Pauls Lutherans can be equal in their talents and in their support of the needs of all. They are always up to the mark to complete their various tasks.

The School GB has continued to support the needs of the needy and underprivileged. There are various activities, such as food, clothing, the homeless shelter program, etc.

It is important to mention that no one has been untouched by the St Pauls Lutherans Church. Our founder Dr. Kuykendall made contributions to a number of church projects including the repair of the School GB. No Child is Whole is a musical drama with relatable music and it tells the story of the life of John Mellowes.

Dr. Kuykendall, lived in Detroit with his wife, who was a nurse, and John Mellowes. He had become a well-known leader in Detroit in the 1930’s.

The schools in today’s UK have lost a mentor of the past who helped in the development of curriculum and staff guidance. One of the greatest things about St Pauls Lutherans is the wonderful, trained staff. Their invaluable participation and ability to offer valuable services to both parents and children have been a source of pride to the entire community.

The School GB has played a very significant role in the development of the Detroit community, giving a place of education and nurturing souls. The Schools are always ready to welcome any interested person.

The key purpose of the Kids’ Program is to offer activities and events to help children become healthy, well-adjusted, and self-confident. They are also the primary hands of the Church in taking care of those who are less fortunate. This program not only help children but also the entire community.

The Children’s Program gives extra care to children who are low-income, whom usually face difficulties and an insurmountable problem of food and clothing. The School GB is a place of refuge for the children in the troubled condition.

One of the vital objectives of the state of united is to use the local schools to lead people to live a healthy lifestyle. That is why the state organizes school programs for the adults and kids alike.

Many children grow up with a sense of responsibility and other responsibilities. Children at the School GB receive guidance and skills to help them grow to be responsible adults.